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Suisen Nakatani profile

Suisen Nakatani(b.1946) is a Japan based calligrapher. The motifs of her artworks are Kokotsu-bun; the ancient Chinese hieroglyphic characters left on bones or tortoise carapaces and Kin-bun; those left on bronze vessels.

Suisen’s fluid forms with Sumi ink express a subtle intelligence and energetic resolve that maintain a correspondence with the art’s ancient practice even as they communicate a contemporary energy and vital force. Suisen says she can feel a lot of energy from ancient characters that imply the meaning of life, nature, and people’s feeling in ancient times. Therefore, she is fascinated with ancient characters and practice calligraphy to affirm her life, including both the sadness and happiness of her experience.

Received Awards
Gen-nichi Award, Gen-nichi Exhibition (1984,Japan)
Ueno-nomori Art Museum Award, Kikko Exhibition (1987, Japan)
Ryoun Grand Award, Ryoun Calligraphy Exhibition (1994, Japan)
French Friendship Award, Versailles Palace Festival (1999, Japan)
Prime Minister Award, Bangkok Art Expo (1999, Thailand)
Judge’s grand award, Japan-Italy Great Modern Artists Exhibition (1999, Japan)
Judge’s Special Award, World Art Great Holy Year Festival (2000, Austria)
Honorable medal for 100th year Hungary Art Section, Cultural Art Festival (2000, Hungary)
New Century Harmonized Award, Boujolais-Nouveau Art Exhibition (2001, France)
Grand Award, EEA21 Exhibition (2002,Japan)
Cultural Service Award, Asian rim Education and Art Exhibition (2004, Thailand)
Boku-Jin Grand Award, Heisei Boku-Jin Exhibition (2011, Japan)
Art Creation Merit Award, Art Tiles Greatest Treasure Exhibition (2013, France)

Solo Exhibitions
Ginza center point (1995,1998, Tokyo)
Takako Gallery (1997, Tokyo)
Kanagawa Art Hall (1997,Yokohama)
Gallery Azuchi (1998, Yokohama)
Yokohama Toyopet Wiens21 (2001,Yokohama)
Walter Wickiser Gallery (2003,NY)
Mikimoto Motomachi (2007, Yokohama)
Japanese Embassy in Bangkok (2007, Thailand)
Gallery Jack&Beanstalk (2014, Kamakura)

Group Exhibitions
Gen-nichi Exhibion, Sumihyougen-Fuji Exhibition, Syo-TEN, Kanagawa Representative Artists Exhibition, Shinbi-sha Calligraphy Exhibition, Salon des artists independants, Le Salon, Japanese contemporary artists, International Modern Art Festival in Spain, Artex Tokyo 2000, Paris Modern Japanese Art Exhibition, World Art Festival in Korea, International Impact Art Festival in Kyoto, etc.,

Position Now
Representative of Sumihyougen-Fuji Institute of Calligraphy
Director of Gen-nichi Kai
Lecturer at NHK Cultural Center in Landmark, Yokohama
Lecturer at Seibu Ikebukuro Community College, Tokyo

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